UOPP is an interactive automated selling system that manages Users, Merchants and partner Banks into one integrated platform.
UOPP is a central order and payments station for Users who want to securely enable a remote terminal to instruct purchase orders and related Payments.
UOPP executes payment transactions between customers and merchants by using any personal digital device, enabling a secure,multi-channel, multi-merchant, multi-payment platform.

mobile phones

 UOPP is enabling any type of mobile Shopping, providing the possibility to make a purchase directly from the mobile phone, using a simple SMS or APP, without entering any personal and payment data.

tv set-top-box

UOPP is enabling TV Shopping providing the possibility to make a purchase directly from the cable or satellite TV set, without entering personal and payment data.

smart tv

UOPP is enabling Smart TV Shopping providing the possibility to make a purchase directly from the SMART-TV, without entering personal and payment data.

digital ids

M2M, IoT (e.g. Biometric devices, Visual and RFID Scanners, DTMF telephones, Computers, PDAs and other remote terminal or appliance with unique digital identifier).

In traditional e-commerce the customer goes to a specific web site or another generic container like E-bay or Amazon to buy the product he wants. This is not an impulse action, because it is planned, that means that the decision to buy stems from previous considerations the customer has already done.
UOPP approach instead, is to provide merchants and customers with a complete order and payment solution to handle "impulse" purchasing (e.g. TV Shopping, press and TV adverts, IoT events etc). This approach is very different from the common e-commerce on the web, because it reverse the roles.

    Consumers create their wallets in the UOPP portal . Payment information (payment method, card number, bank account, etc.) are stored exclusively on UOPP secure server coupled to a  UNIQUE DEVICE ID (e.g. phone IMEI, IMSI, MAC ADDRESS, IP ADDRESS etc...)
    Merchants create their profile and marketplace on the UOPP platform, uploading all their items for sale with information about ITEM CODE, price, available quantity etc.
    UOPP will manage orders and payments automatically, RECOGNIZING THE CUSTOMER by the DEVICE ID, using data stored by the customer in his E-WALLET and RECOGNIZING THE MERCHANT by the ITEM CODE.


     The platform executes secure payment transactions between customers and registered merchants by using remote terminals. When the user authorizes his/her payment data (e.g. using a credit card) to be permanently stored in the central system, it is possible to extend payment functionality to other remote devices (e.g. a mobile phone, a cable-TV, a touch-tone telephone . . . etc). By remotely placing the payment functionality on the central system, payment data are never managed by the merchant or by the user. The system comprises a central computer information system and a number of remote terminals used for executing payment requests. When receiving a payment request, the platform recognizes the user, retrieves from its database his method of payment, the merchant account number and conducts the real payment transaction interacting with external financial institutions.


    The paradigm of watching TV advertisements has been with us as TV has been around with little innovation in the Media Industry. After many years in this industry we started asking ourselves why we could not buy when we see the advertisement? We must have spent more time pondering the question why no-one else has developed this yet, than we spend on the design and implementation. Today's technology opens a new era of possibilities in the media and entertainment industry, leveraging the TV user experience from a passive role in a one-way communication to a much more active role based on a two-way communication interaction. See how this can be achieved by UOPP platform.